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Need an attorney in Fremont CA? Edward O. Lee, Attorney at Law provides a wide variety of attorney services including civil litigation, estate planning, bankruptcy and more. Call us today 510-651-0175.

Edward O. Lee, Attorney at Law has been providing exceptional law services in Fremont, CA and the surrounding areas for over 36 years. He provides a unique, personalized service for everyone who walks through his door.

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At Edward O. Lee, Attorney at Law, our reputation is everything. We are known for providing the highest quality, professional services. We will work with you closely to help to bring your case to a successful conclusion in a timely and cost-effective manner. Call us today for more information!

Our StoryEdward O Lee

Edward O. Lee has had the privilege of doing what he loves for most of his life. For 36 years, Edward has served the Fremont, California area as a law practitioner, the last 18 under his own private practice. Specializing in civil litigation, bankruptcy and estate planning, Edward has spent his career amassing experience through application and a never-ending research process. Working as a lawyer is all about standing up for citizens. It is Edward’s philosophy that this line of work is much more effective when practiced with a personal touch. Through a careful balancing act, Edward has blended his personable approach with the wealth of knowledge that comes with four decades of legal experience to become a completely unique breed of lawyer.

A couple of experiences influenced Edward’s life journey that ultimately shaped him into the man he is today. An affinity for the law runs in Edward’s family. For as long as he can remember, Edward recalls his father served as a lawyer, and he enjoyed his career. This feeling wasn’t often shared with other professionals. Edward followed in his father’s footsteps, discovering that he, too loved legal practice. Edward’s first job within the law was actually not a job at all, but a volunteer internship at a firm that assisted the less fortunate with their legal woes. The time spent at this firm lead Edward to believe that he could be a difference maker by investing one hundred percent effort in every client. To this day, Edward is rooted firm in these ideals, building a reputation in the Fremont, California area as an empathetic attorney, specializing in estate planning, litigation and bankruptcy.

All of Edward’s clients are given personalized attention; he provides a unique, individual service to whoever walks in his door. Edward sees himself as more than an “appearance attorney,” he does not believe that his job is confined to the court room on trial dates. Edward will be by your side from the moment you step into his office, up until the date of the trial. Working with Edward gives you a sense of value that is completely unique to his law firm.

Outside of work, Edward serves on the Board of Directors of a private school, emphasizing responsible citizenship above all else. Edward has a keen sense of responsibility for others, giving his spare time to causes that promote ethical behavior along with experiential learning and critical thinking.